We have our work cut out for us here at CHES! We need some more dedicated and fun people to help us go further faster. We are a relaxed fun group of informal people that get stuff done (and done right) in flexible, collaborative and innovative ways. We are looking for:

Sustained Commitment Level

  • 1 Board member
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Clerk

Short-term Commitment

We make annual trips to Haiti which often require a number of resources to deliver successfully. We welcome volunteers who come onboard to help plan and fundraise during months before the trip, to travel to help deliver the workshops, and to help with post trip reporting one to two months afterward. Travel to Haiti normally involves a cost of approximately $2,000 (flights, lodging, food, etc.) CHES always looks for ways to minimize the travel costs through our fundraising efforts. Contact us if you are interested in participating.

Minimal Commitment Level

  • On-Call Event volunteers
    • CHES often needs extra hands at vending tables. We are looking for people who are willing to go on our call list for vending events. Vending events normally occur during weekends.

CHES also offers for-credit opportunities and unpaid internship opportunities for college students as well. If you are interested in learning more about CHES, join us at our next open meeting in Chelsea, MA. Please email us to find our when we are hosting our next open meeting presidentchesinternational.org/ ches.president@gmail.com or call 617-299-0564. Send us your resume too:

See what some current and past CHES volunteers have to say:

CHES Volunteer Willine Molin

I joined CHES because I was driven by the mission to empower Haitian people and to help them bring business plans to fruition. My administrative help in CHES has helped drive the work the team does when they arrive in Haiti. My experience has been invaluable we are a small family helping to raise a village. To someone who is considering getting involved: JOIN! CHES is definitely an organization that welcomes everyone’s talents and creativity.
– Nina F., former volunteer and Clerk

I joined CHES because the mission of enabling people to lift themselves out of poverty is close to my heart. I really enjoy working with everyone who is a part of CHES and I would say this is a fun, dynamic and innovative group”

 – Tania T., former member of Board of Directors


“I choose CHES because as a Haitian-American, I feel as though it is my responsibility to help out my homeland and help remove the negative stigma of Haiti being a poor country. So being part of CHES and its mission, I feel I have the opportunity help remove that negative stigma by creating jobs in Haiti.    The CHES experience allows me to see 1st hand the exponential amount of love and support Haiti is receiving from varies type of ethnicity and organizations. The experience also helps me to be more connected to my ancestors’ homeland and helps me better understand who and what I represent as a Haitian-American.  To someone who is considering getting involved: As a member of a theCHES team, I commend you for wanting to join and be part of this very challenging but rewarding mission of helping a  rebuilding a country and helping to change lives of families and individuals in Haiti.

– Clarel A., former Treasurer  

I chose to join CHES because I thought it was interesting- wanted to get more involved. It peaked my interest beginning when I started working with CHES as part of a class project, particularly once I heard it was Christian. It seemed like a real noble organization with goals. My CHES experience has helped me grow in being culturally diverse, understanding and seeing different team dynamics, and gave me a valuable opportunity to work amongst other Christians- not to mention pray! It can be awesome to see how an organizations with a Christ-centered mission lead. To someone who is considering getting involved: Join! It isn’t a life-long  commitment 🙂and you can learn a lot, be a part of the team, and join in the fun.

– Jennifer V., former Events Coordinator

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