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Jun 2015

Written by Rebecca Obounou I had the opportunity to attend a small documentary screening at the Irish International Immigration Center (IIIC) in May for Haitian Heritage Month. This documentary was produced by Lindsay Day, a student at Northeastern University. The short film is informative. It talks of how the US mishandled its first real refugee crisis. Haitian’s fleeing political instability in Haiti from 1991-1994 arrived in the United States mostly in boats by the tens of thousands. The short documentary treats the US government’s management of this situation. Eventually, the refugees that were not deported to......

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May 2015

By Rebecca Obounou Recently during a conversation with a coach I shared the work that CHES is doing in Haiti. I also shared the challenges that we are encountering in attracting the right people to the work that we are doing. She asked me a great question that I realized that I’ve never really answer when I pitch what we do in CHES. I never really answer the question “Why Haiti?” when I answer “Why CHES?” “‘Why should anyone be interested in Haiti when there are so many other regions in the world in......

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Jan 2011

By Rebecca Obounou It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year since that devastating earthquake. Though there have been some advances the big picture still look pretty glum for Haiti. We cannot sum the story better than Stuart Leiderman has below: For Haiti’s ten million and for the Diaspora’s four million, last year’s earthquake was the shock of a lifetime. We pause today to remember, reflect and mourn. In a brief minute, Haitian friends and families from all over the world were brought together in worry for each other’s fate, and......

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