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Jul 2017
I Came, I Saw and I Empowered - and I Can't Stop!

By Marcia Rosemé, This week marks one month of working in Haiti with CHES Inc, as the US Liaison and Content Designer and I must admit that I am having a blast! I have made wonderful new friends and experienced unbelievable hospitality. Not only am I have fun, but I am also helping CHES partner with the Laborde community to help them start-up their new poultry farm. In day-to-day, interactions I am often asked, “What brings you to Haiti?” My answer to that question is two tiered; firstly, I am here supporting......

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Apr 2017
Motivations of a Haitian Citizen: Vanessa Etienne

By Vanessa Etienne, CHES Haiti Operations Director All my life, I have always been drawn to serving others. That’s why in all the positions that I worked, I have always looked for how I could help others grow in my role. I was born and raised in Haiti and have traveled to many provinces in the country. I realized that we have so many ways of developing the island. I have always believed that developing the country should be a work done from within and that the economic growth of my country......

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Oct 2015
That Haitian Chocolate Though!

VIEW THE PRETTY VERSION HERE. We at CHES are proud to say that sales of products that we source from Haitian companies are a significant source of funding for the programming we offer entrepreneurs in rural Haiti. We are so happy to support Haitian companies that believe in benefiting society through creating employment and benefiting multiple stakeholders – Haitian companies that offer high quality products produced in Haiti. CHES loves marketing these products as it gives us a chance to share another side of Haiti with our supporters. These products help our......

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Oct 2015

Authored by Rebecca Obounou I recently had the privilege of representing CHES in the worldwide online dialogue on Young Entrepreneurs: Drivers of Sustainable Growth hosted by Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) and the World Bank in August. The online dialogue brought together young entrepreneurs and professionals from 46 different countries (mostly developing countries) to discuss present day matters pertaining to youth entrepreneurship. This was one of multiple dialogues held in multiple languages with entrepreneurs worldwide. We had a robust dialogue around a few specific questions we were asked to prepare ahead of time about the role......

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Sep 2015
Working in Partnership for the Empowerment of Haitian Women Entrepreneurs

Authored by Rebecca Roseme Working in Haiti requires patience, perseverance and PARTNERSHIP. This summer CHES was fortunate to have worked in partnership with Partners for Change (PfC). I first met Myriam Jeannis, the founder and executive director of PfC many years ago as I was sitting at a community event selling products to promote and to fundraise for CHES. We quickly developed a rapport and kept in touch for several years. During that time, we looked for ways to work together. We finally found the right thing: business training in Gonaives, Haiti for......

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May 2015

By Rebecca Obounou Recently during a conversation with a coach I shared the work that CHES is doing in Haiti. I also shared the challenges that we are encountering in attracting the right people to the work that we are doing. She asked me a great question that I realized that I’ve never really answer when I pitch what we do in CHES. I never really answer the question “Why Haiti?” when I answer “Why CHES?” “‘Why should anyone be interested in Haiti when there are so many other regions in the world in......

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