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Oct 2017
How I met CHES - Kòman Mwen Vini Rankontre CHES

By Rebecca Pascal Herolandrie, CHES Trainer I was born in a communal section called Lagoon in the Department of Artibonite. I am 22 years old. I’m studying the Economic and Social Administration at the Gonaive School of Economic Rights and Economic Sciences. I am a Young Deputy  Member of the Tènèv commune. I am a founding member and spokesperson of a group of women in the Gonaive Law School called EDSEG-FEMMES. I am also a leader representing CHES in the department of Artibonite. I will tell you about how I met CHES. I met with CHES......

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Jul 2017
I Came, I Saw and I Empowered - and I Can't Stop!

By Marcia Rosemé, This week marks one month of working in Haiti with CHES Inc, as the US Liaison and Content Designer and I must admit that I am having a blast! I have made wonderful new friends and experienced unbelievable hospitality. Not only am I have fun, but I am also helping CHES partner with the Laborde community to help them start-up their new poultry farm. In day-to-day, interactions I am often asked, “What brings you to Haiti?” My answer to that question is two tiered; firstly, I am here supporting......

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