CHES doesn’t just talk entrepreneurship; we walk entrepreneurship too! 36% of our cash revenues in 2015 were generated from the products that we sell. We finance our operations with the proceeds we generate. We offer a host of exciting products some of which are made by Haitian companies headquartered in Haiti! We work with wonderful volunteers that help make what we do possible. We serve a wonderful clientele who we appreciate dearly for supporting us. Call us to purchase, sell for us on consignment in your shop or host us as a vendor at your next upcoming, concert, conference, home party, or other events. See below the exciting products we offer.

Askanya Chocolatier Gourmet Chocolates

We at CHES visited the grounds of this gourmet chocolate bar factory. Askanya uses 100% natural products grown in Haiti in products. Their story is an inspiring one and their intention of sharing with the world what Haiti has to offer along with creating jobs and more wealth for the people in Haiti is admirable. We are so proud and excited to sell their chocolates! ($6-5)

Bijou Lakay Bracelets

It’s with great excitement that we announce a new addition to our product offerings! We are now featuring handcrafted bullhorn jewelry from Bijou Lakay (“Home Jewelry” in Kreyòl) located in Haiti. Bullhorn is a sustainable material. Haitian artisans make these bracelets. ($8-18)

Hand-Crafted Silk Scarves from La Gonàve, Haiti

We’re also ecstatic to feature hand-painted silk scarves from the women artisans of Matènwa in La Gonàve, Haiti! Each unique scarf they produce is a painstaking two-day process. The artisans sign their name on each of their pieces. ($65)

Kreyòl Essence Products

Do you want 100% Natural Haitian-made beauty products containing rich essential oils produced in Haiti while supporting us? People are raving about the hair care products.  Please give us a call or shoot us a text or email! You can also visit and when you checkout, enter “CHES” in the discount code to help CHES get credit for your purchase! ($6-18)

Solar Powered Lamps

Give the gift of Light! For $15, you can give a student the gift of safe light. For $30, you can give both a student and yourself the gift of a sustainable light source. Most of Haiti’s students study at night by dangerous kerosene oil lamps because electricity supply is so unreliable in Haiti. Kerosene oil can damage eyesight, cause respiratory disorders and deadly fires. We have partnered with Enèji Pwòp (“Clean Energy” in Kreyòl) to provide these students these gifts. Click hereto see all of the students that have received these gifts

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