CHES Trains Women Artisans in La Gonàve, Haiti

We actively seek Haitian products to sell to raise funds for CHES. When we saw the lovely hand-painted scarves of the women of La Gonàve, we wanted to get our hands on them! They offered another opportunity to engage with them. They had just started-up their business, needed business education and asked us to help. We at CHES hosted a 3-day business workshop for these women entrepreneurs in La Gonàve, Haiti.


CHES Finances Women Entrepreneurs to Launch a Food Warehouse in Limbe, Haiti

Starting in 2012, we at CHES worked with five women entrepreneurs on their business plan. It was a food warehouse that sells organic Haitian produce in Limbe, Northern Haiti called Pwodwi Lakay or PWOL (“Home-Grown Goods” in Kreyòl). Our work with PWOL culminated to CHES, fund-raising the start-up funds, traveling to Haiti to host business workshops and a promotional launch event in the warehouse. PWOL continues to exist today.


CHES Consults

In 2011, We at CHES  worked with an ex-pat who owns property in Pilate, Haiti close to the central plateau. We provided agricultural consulting services  where we provided recommendations for agri- opportunities. We also hosted trainings for our client’s employee farmers.


CHES Joins in Earthquake Relief Efforts

When the opportunity arose for CHES to help beyond donating money during the tragic 2010 earthquake, we did. We learned that some earthquake victims were migrating from the capital to Limbe in Northern Haiti. CHES US and CHES Haiti worked together to collect, sort, ship and distribute over 200 boxes of relief goods.


Branch in Haiti launched

We went to launched in Haiti with 10 volunteers forming CHES Haiti. CHES Haiti now consists of only paid employees and no volunteers.


CHES is Founded

In June 2008, we launched our work marked by an inaugural ceremony at Bentley College as well as a big fundraising concert with Les Freres Deronettes.

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