Motivations of a Haitian Citizen: Vanessa Etienne

By Vanessa Etienne, CHES Haiti Operations DirectorIMG_0352 (1)

All my life, I have always been drawn to serving others. That’s why in all the positions that I worked, I have always looked for how I could help others grow in my role. I was born and raised in Haiti and have traveled to many provinces in the country. I realized that we have so many ways of developing the island. I have always believed that developing the country should be a work done from within and that the economic growth of my country depends on our local production – in entrepreneurship.

With CHES, I’ll have the perfect opportunity to act on this long held belief. Unfortunately, many of my people don’t have the possibility to start their own businesses, whether for lack of education and know-how and/or financial support. I will help those entrepreneurs achieve their goals – goals to grow successful companies that provide great products and services and care for the Haitian community. Education is key to development and growth. In this position, I am dedicated to educating Haiti’s entrepreneurs in the rural provinces. I will have the chance to take the existing CHES programs and bring them to the next level. I have the perfect opportunity to promote economic growth throughout the whole country. I intend to use every platform possible to let people know what CHES does and to attract future volunteers, entrepreneurs and investors – especially social media.

In my career, I have worked in the humanitarian sector with other organizations. The hurricane Matthew destroyed most provinces in the south part of the country. I volunteered with the Alliance Culinaire Haitienne (ACH) and we were able to deliver about five thousands hot plates to many people who had lost everything. At that time, I remember thinking to myself: An association as small as ACH is able to do so much, what if other bigger companies decide to get involved? That’s when I started looking around to see what else can be done in a larger and deeper scale. Coincidentally, I came across CHES’ job post for the position in Haiti. This was FAITH.

My main goal is for CHES to be the go-to organization for entrepreneurship and business management in Haiti, especially in remote areas. Too often, we have heard about humanitarian efforts that do not last very long in the country. However, with the foundation that my fellow CHES colleagues and I will be laying in the country, we can become a major contributor to bringing economic stability in Haitian communities.
Mwen te toujou kwè mwen te destine sèvi lòt moun. Se poutèt sa nan tout pozisyon ke mwen travay, enkyetid mwen ‘te toujou ede lòt moun grandi. Mwen fèt epi grandi Ayiti e mwen vwayaje nan pwovens anpil. Mwen reyalize ke nou gen anpil fason nou ka devlope zile a, ke kwasans ekonomik nan peyi an chita nan pwodiksyon lokal nou an, nan antreprenarya.

Malerezman, anpil moun pa gen posibilite pou kòmanse pwòp biznis yo, swa yo pa konnen ki jan oswa pa gen sipò finansye yo bezwen. Avèk CHES, mwen gen opòtinite pou aji sou kwayans sa a ke mwen gen ak ede moun ki antreprenè reyalize objektif yo. Edikasyon se kle nan devlopman ak kwasans. Nan pozisyon sa a, mwen gen chans a pran pwogram yo ki deja egziste, epi pote yo nan yon nivo pwochen, pote konesans sa yo bay anpil antreprenè . Mwen gen opòtinite ankouraje kwasans ekonomik nan tout tout peyi a.

Mwen te fè travay imanitè ak anpil konpayi yo. Siklon Matye detwi anpil tè ak kay, posesyon anpil moun nan pati sid peyi a. Mwen travay kòm volontè ak Alliance Culinaire Haitienne (ACH) e nou te kapab delivre anviwon senk milye plat manje cho bay anpil moun ki te pèdi tout bagay. Lè sa a, Mwen sonje mwen te di tèt mwen: si yon asosyasyon tankou ACH kapab fè sa, e si lòt pi gwo konpayi deside patisipe? Lè sa mwen te kòmanse chache opotinite pou mwen te ka pote kontribisyon m. Se lè sa mwen vinn tonbe sou anons pou pozisyon an nan CHES an Ayiti.

Objektif prensipal mwen se pou CHES vini referans prensipal la nan kwasans Antreprenarya an Ayiti, espesyalman nan zòn ki mwen devlope yo. Twò souvan nou tande pale de efò imanitè ki pa ki dire lontan nan peyi a. Sepandan, ak fondasyon an ke nou (ches ak mwen) ap pote nan peyi a, nou ka pote yon èd solid ki pral kenbe e grandi nan pwen pou pote estabilite ekonomik nan mitan kominote ayisyen an.


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